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Software development

ICT Solution and software development, E-commerce & IT outsourcing

  • Works closely with its partners to provide software development and distributions, E-commerce & IT outsourcing, especially in the areas of developing the mobile games as well as professional software and ICT solutions for companies from Japan, US and EU.
  • We have strong ICT expertise and experiences, especially the following ones: TeleMedicine, Mobile Games, Mobile Marketing, E-commerce, M-Commerce, Education management, Animation Interactive Books, Data Mining: Big Data Analysis, Graph Mining, Text Mining, Omics Data Analysis, Semantic Search Engine, Business Intelligence, Scoring System, Development and management of Data, Software, and Web; Network Information Service (NIS), Business process management, ISO system, ITIL, Balance score card, KPI, Telecom networks, Wireless networks, IT infrastructures, Database, ICT applications.

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